Analytical SaaS Solutions for Retailers

Differentiate from competitors and stand out to your customers by leveraging the power from Machine Learning as your main toolbox for forecasting, inventory and replenishment decisions.

what are the main deliverables in my MPAAS solution?

High performance database for retailers

Automatic batch ingest process of all Retailer sales, inventory and sales transactions into Ritterdragon's data lake where billions of sku-store combinations are processed daily.

Created with Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms

Receive demand forecasts, high turnover assorment recommendations, inventory optimization levels, store allocation schedules and purchase suggestions for all your products.


Data engineers handle the data pipelines while statisticians and data scientists design difference making computer models.
We have created a difference making algorithm for each step of the process.
Our staff checks that all data from stores is loaded each night and ingested by our servers without further problems so that end-users can access plan results early in the morning.

Machine Learning for Merchandise Planning

Ritterdragon has gathered a different set of features that together form a pipeline to solve several of Retail's current challenges and problems.


According to the needs from each of our Retail customers we have developed quick deployment applications, that enable the Retailer to take full advantage of the power of information. From eyedropping Business Intelligence environments to fully automated forecasting processes and purchasing decisions.

How far do you wish to go?


Want a high performing, intuitive multi-user reporting and analytic environment that handle all of my retail information from sales, inventories to purchases and receivables, and contains all levels of information: sku and store level

Turnkey MPAAS solution for small retail chains

Scaled down solution for up and coming Retailers with everything they need and nothing extra that they don't need


Want to use advanced forecasting algorithms and create purchasing plans calculated with machine learning


Synchronize demand estimation, inventory levels and order information with Retail suppliers.

  Essential Analytical & Big Data environment with databases, reports, dashboards and predefined KPIs and visual objects designed to track retailer’s performance and to facilitate insights.  

  Machine learning merchandising process results for the retailer, estimates sales demand, suggests assortments, optimizes inventory levels and creates efficient purchase schedules.  

  Information portals between the retailer and its vendors, publishing performance KPIs, demand, transits and future purchase plans.  

  Machine learning merchandising for small and medium sized retail. The solution is completely web based.  


Nuestras aplicaciones cuentan con componentes que destacan frente a nuestros competidores cuando se aplican por separado o en conjunto.
Algoritmos matemáticos que se ejecutan automáticamente para predecir comportamientos localizar patrones ocultos y descubrir oportunidades en la información.
Almacenamiento masivo de información para soportar sistemas de toma de decisiones.
Metodología alemana que utiliza nuestro servicio DataLab para formar centros de conocimiento enfocados a dar recomendaciones de negocio. llamamos DataLab.
Estándares vanguardistas que envían señales para interpretar de manera mas clara la significancia y prioridad de cada reporte para el usuario.
Técnicas de Data Mining especializadas para reconocer patrones y objetos a partir de fotos.
Métodos especializados para pronosticar la demanda con base en datos históricos.
Motores para generar escenarios y reglas de negocio con base en datos históricos.
Centro de mando para mostrar sistemas de Business Intelligence y Data Mining que se integran al ambiente.

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